5 ways to Overcome Fear

Emotional disorders in Children

India has the largest teenage population, where every 5th person is between 12 and 19 years.
Teenagers in this era, are educated, healthy, well-equipped with modern technology and its developments, and they have gained the life skills to take our country forward.
In our daily life, we also deal with emotional disorders like anxiety, ADHD, and eating disorders, etc. One of the most common mental health conditions is Fear.
Fear is personal. Everyone has their own set of stories to share. It is common, each one of us has things that we are afraid of, people that we are afraid of, and places that we are afraid of going to. Don’t worry, we do have a silver lining here.

 “This feeling will pass. The fear is real but the danger is not."
Children Playing Three Legged Race

Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time, in the hustle and bustle of the city, a baby was born. Her name was Fiona. She grew up to be a calm, beautiful, and introverted girl. In January, her 7th birthday got aligned with the sports day at school, and she got herself enrolled in a race called the ‘three-legged race’. It was her first step towards participating in sports in front of the public. Fearful as she may be, she held the hand of her partner and ran towards the end line. As she ran, she noticed that her partner looked petite and weak. The fear of losing the race in public had immersed her into almost having a panic attack. 

Fiona looked away, she notices that they were almost near the end, and they were the last to approach. Aghast that she was running out of options to win, she fiercely held her partner’s hand, and she took a leap of faith. As if suddenly, both knew what to do. They hopped so fast and took a jump so high towards the ribbon, like they were performing an Art. They left all the participants behind by 3 seconds. 

The silver lining is that as long as you can think and you can breathe, fear can be controlled and managed as it starts from within and it stays within, all in the happening of your brain.

Cammie McGovern
A Girl Meditating

You can overcome fear and anxiety by building simple habits

  1. Be mindful and practice meditation – The simple art of meditation makes it a top choice of things to do while having an emotional or a mental breakdown. You can do meditation at anytime, but there’s just one rule to follow. You have to be mindful about meditation. Focus on just one thing, close your eyes, carefully envision yourself , slowdown your breathing, and relax.
  2. Be physically active – We humans are wanders, back in the days, we’d go hunting, exploring new territories, and inventing new things. It is in our DNA to be active and walk around. When you are physically active, you will start exploring, which is the first step taken towards learning, learning anything.
  3. Write and learn to articulate well – We know the significance of communication. The studies show that learning to cultivate a habit of talking or articulating well leads to complex free thinking and one can always refer back to our personal notes to evaluate our mood and progression while dealing with anxiety or fear.
  4. Focus – Only if focussing was as easy as getting distracted, may be all of us would have won awards by now. Focus isn’t easy to tame and to develop. One needs to put the foot down and tell yourself over and again, keep coming back to your lost track, start with focussing for just 5 minutes, track down your progress everyday. One day, you will just find yourself focussing on what is important without having you to track down anything.
  5. Build a routine – It is a good habit to make timetable calendars, assignment or homework calendars, know when to eat and how much to eat. Work your day around your schedule.


Like it or not, fear will always be a part of our lives. It’s who we are. We are emotional yet progressive, fearful yet confident, intelligent yet stupid, Lethargic yet motivated, and bullied yet loved. But we are also the only species who can have, feel, articulate, and control all these feelings. 

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