Ginnie with a Bag

Apart from the natural hot-spring in the midst of the mountains with a perfect snow cape on the crest of each hill, Kheerganga has a lot more to offer. I often think, why should I travel? Why do I end up going to the same places that I have visited before? How is it possible to get connected to a strange place? However, figuring out things is so ‘urban.’ So I decided to embrace everything that comes my way.

The only way to reach Kheerganga is to hike. The changing landscapes every hour, wouldn’t leave a person tired. Backpacking is fun though, stuff everything up, wear your day gear and be a little Ginnie with a bag.

Although I could have finished the hike in 5 hours, it took me two days to reach there. Here’s the thing about traveling, do not rush. It’s not a race. Take a moment to feel the air or listen to the rapids of the valley or smile a little, because you deserve it. The huge trees stand strong and hefty, all along the way. Every leaf, every plant, every bird that sings has a story to say. I keep listening to the shushing sound around me, the crunch of the sand when I walk, the gurgling stream and the crashing waterfalls. Nature offers a lot to us. There is music in Silence. Silence has a sound in the mountains.

I wanted to stop by to have lunch, and I found myself in the midst of a cozy village called Kalga. There’s something about this place. The infrastructure of the village in between the forest was captivating to me. Stay over here is really cheap for budget travelers. I ended up staying in Rama guest house. This guest house is located towards the end of the village. On special request, the host had made mouth smacking Halwa for me, and I totally binged on it. Kalga is one of the trio villages that you’ll come across during your hike. The other two being Pulga and Tosh. I highly recommend a night’s stay in these three villages.

kheer 2

The day next, I had not just reached Kheerganga, but I arrived at Kheerganga in swag. The crazy climate decided to welcome me with showers of rain and a double rainbow sitting vivid in the sky. I had never seen something like this in my life. The blue sky with grey clouds passing by was a treat to my eyes. Also, you’ll find trekkers going towards Pin Parvati. The minute you reach Kheerganga, you’ll see a large ground with mini-camps set all around the space, along with a few groovy cafés. Accommodation and food are comparatively costlier here as transportation isn’t available to carry goods.

It’s about time to go to the natural hot-springs on top of the hill and sit in the bath for a brief time. The moon, the rainbows, the sharp sun and rainfall were just as pretty as the snow-capped mountains and the tall pine trees touching the dewy clouds. My evening couldn’t have been better. I found a perfect place to pitch my tent right up to the hill, away from the crowd. Later, I decided to spend my evening in a warm cafe as it was getting frigid outside.

To my surprise, the sky was getting more explicit by the night and the twinkling stars getting brighter and sharper. 3am, I felt something’s calling me, I had to unzip myself from the sleeping bag, unzip the tent to go out. I witnessed something beautiful, yet, dominant in the sky. I saw our entire galaxy with my naked eye. It was right there, stars, stars and more stars forming shapes. I could not fall asleep. I kept stargazing the entire chilly night. I felt calm, the whole place was just so quiet. I couldn’t hear crickets that we usually listen to. It was chaotic in my head to hear nothing and the diamonds in the sky shining on me. The howling wind had decided to carry away all my reasons to be confused, and I felt empowered and content with life. I decided to stay one more day in this mini paradise.

Mountains are moody, alluring, comforting and awakening to me. We were born nomads, we don’t belong to anything or anyone. Keep moving, travel more and never stop.

Backpacking to Kheerganga is just the beginning of my story, and I will keep writing about my personal journey with the world.


Do write to me with your story.


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  1. Yachnit says:

    So well written .. We need to break to break away from the illusion of our so called way to live life .. If it feels like home , just follow its path .. It ll make you happier than you ve ever been .. 🙂


  2. Zulianah says:

    Well written blog. Can’t wait to read more of the different places that you will visit. Would love to see more pictures as well.



    Awesome blog shruu, I’m jealous of u. Will definitely visit the place. Ur writing is so good and the narration is awesome. Cheers!!!


  4. proshakeblog says:

    Awesome shruti nice work! Keep gooing👍
    Your style of writing took me along with your Trip to mini paradise.😍💐


  5. Krishna Brundavanam says:

    Nice one…tell us more about your trips and different places


    1. Shiksha Sardana says:

      Hello Dear,
      I really like your blog, and it’s make me tempted to visit that place. Awaiting for your many more travel blog. All the best


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