Lady in town

Lady in Town is about solo-female travel and lifestyle blog featuring Travel tips, Travel Diaries, Fashion, and Gossip from around the world.

Hello, I’m Shruu.
Like most of us, I’ve been trained and taught to become a person that my family wanted me to be, a perfect fit for the society. I couldn’t care less about this society every single day. I am looking for ways to be at peace with the world and to truly co-exist with each other. In the process of figuring out the way to live, I tumbled across traveling. There it was, a calling. I have found my tribe with the nomads, philosophers, travelers, explorers, and a bunch of humorous people. Also, I found a piece of my heart lying atop of every mountain, and beneath every shore. This feeling of belonging to the world, the sky, and the cosmos is enough to sustain the benchmark made by the society. I don’t need to fit in. You don’t need to fit in.

I’m a blogger by profession. I’m on a spree to travel everywhere, and my stories will be the reflection of everything that surrounds me. I have just one message to deliver, and that is

Explore, either being still or on the move, Seed your mind for sure.